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Name:Dream of the Endless
Birthdate:Jan 1
Dream of the Endless is third of seven; this makes him a middle child.

Depending on iteration – Morpheus or Daniel – the personality of Dream changes: foreboding and self-absorbed, outward-turned and thoughtful. Regardless, Dream is introspective. He is and is not ruled by intuition. As Dream, he has his own logic.

All seven Endless have their own realms, and Dream shapes his own – though his realm is so vast he might lose track of certain elements, from time to time. Dream is not invincible: this is important to note. He can be trapped. He can be killed. He can also make mistakes – and does. And Dream is most definitely not human: he does not always think of human concerns when he executes his plans, or fixates on ideas, or shapes reality.

In any iteration, Dream likes to be loved.

The only sibling to whom Dream is very close is Death; his feelings toward the others range from respect, to vague and nebulous affection, to dislike. Dream is competitive, as Morpheus. He is a flawed being, with vast power, and he is prideful: he takes pride in his creations, to a fault.

Even for Dream there are rules and boundaries; some of these boundaries are the rules of Milliways. Another boundary is the right to self-determination and choice of all beings within Milliways. (For more clarification about the powers of the Endless within Milliways, please see the Milliways FAQ.) Dream may be closer to some than others, but that is the extent of the connection: closeness, never ownership. He can bend and shape and weave perception, and make perception appear as reality, but to a great degree all of his business counts as outside business in Milliways. As such, Dream comes to Milliways for a change of scene – to watch, to observe, and sometimes, in a very rare while, to influence, when he deems it might well be safe and proper (and to his liking).


As Morpheus, Dream of the Endless most often appears as a tall, thin, pale man with dark hair and stars for eyes. He wears black. Sometimes gray. Usually black.

As Daniel, he wears white, and has white hair. His paleness stays. So do the stars.

He may take on an appearance most suited to your character; a tentacle person will see a tentacle, a human will see a human, a cat will see a cat, and so on. This is to be determined in Dream's tags. Dream's player will check your character's userinfo before tagging and would thus appreciate your making sure a physical description exists in your character's userinfo.

Any changes to your character will and must be discussed and agreed upon OOCly before they take place. No exceptions.

Any questions you have may be answered by this post in [community profile] ways_back_room; if they're not, please ask.


Dream of the Endless is from The Sandman, and is the property of name of Neil Gaiman and DC Comics (Vertigo). He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which I, [personal profile] agonistes, am making no profit whatsoever, and neither is anyone else.

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